v 2.81 label editor.

PLABEL WIN is a simple and complete label editor, which allows you to design them to your needs and print them. On the label can add text, lines, barcodes, images, symbols, with the possibility of associating these objects with records of a database, that we create in the same program, or associate it with external files such as Excel™, text files (csv), or Access™ databases. It can be installed on all versions of Windows® operating system.

Download a trial version (a PLABEL 2.8 DEMO text is displayed in the preview and print):


Everything you need to design your own labels

The editor has all the necessary elements to personalize and obtain the required results: text, images, lines, barcodes, symbols.

  • symbol object

    Predefined symbols

    We can select from 64 predefined symbols that are usually used in shipping labels.

  • barcode


    With this editor you can include most of the most used linear bar codes: EAN8, EAN13, Code39, EAN128, Inter_25, etc.

  • database

    Database included

    From the program you can create the tables you need and fill in your records in a database (SQLite). You can then associate the elements of the label with these data.

  • QR barcode

    2D barcodes

    Also available in the editor the use of 2D bar codes such as QR, PDF417 or Datamatrix, which allow to include more information and read them from mobile devices.

  • editor

    Drawing aid

    The editor has tools to adjust the position of objects to a grid, align them, space them regularly, etc.

  • link Excel sheets

    Link external files

    You can link the data shown in each of the labels, with external files such as CSV, Excel or even Access database.

Print labels with the records of a database

In many cases we need to print the same label design with different texts, barcodes, images, etc, for example to generate shipping labels from an address table, or product labels that we want to identify for sale or control their stock through barcodes.

From the program we can define the tables that we need to store our data (addresses, products, operators, etc), and to each table we can add different types of fields (text, images, currency, date).

In the same program we will fill in these tables with the records that we need to print, associating the elements of the label with each one of the fields. When we print we will get as many labels as records we have in the table. It is also possible to define filters to be applied to the data, which will serve to generate impressions only with certain records. Another option of the program allows assigning a field of the database (numeric), which it will serve to indicate the number of impressions we need from each particular record. (See the help document for more details).

If the information to be printed is in Excel sheets, comma-separated text files (csv) or Access databases, from the program we can open an assistant that will allow us to bind this data to the objects in the label.

label data

link Excel

PLABEL WIN v 2.81 license


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